Local Counsel Representation

Sophisticated Local Intellectual Property Counsel in Los Angeles

What is Local Counsel?

Hankin Patent Law is very experienced at working with Co-Counsel on litigating Intellectual Property Infringement Disputes in Federal Court.  Whether working with Los Angeles or Orange County based litigation counsel who need to associate with Intellectual Property Litigation Counsel, or working with Intellectual Property Litigation Counsel from outside of California, the attorneys at Hankin Patent Law can make sure that the Client and Lead Counsel have the knowledge and insight needed not to make mistakes that the locals would have avoided.  Local intel is invaluable and a local presence is required by the Local Rules of the District Courts.  The attorneys at Hankin Patent Law can provide that intel and presence, and can be merely a mailbox drop, or can truly partner with Lead Counsel to advise the Client substantively— and everything in between.  Our billing rates are often lower than Lead Counsel’s so it often makes sense to have us be involved substantively.

Our having attorneys situated up and down California allows us to attend Court Hearings without charging travel time, saving the Client a lot of money on planes, hotels, and rental cars.  Marc Hankin has taken and defended more than 500 Depositions in each direction, and has appeared in Court nearly 1000 times. Working with knowledgeable Co-Counsel provides the Client with more options and a more cost-effective representation.

Whether Lead Counsel is an hour away or half a world away, the option of having the Hankin Patent Law Attorneys cover a Court Hearing, Deposition, Mediation, or Meet and Confer with Opposing Counsel, can save the Client thousands of dollars and save the Lead Counsel the hassle of traveling a far distance for a non-essential matter.

How Hankin Patent Law Can Help

At Hankin Patent Law, we act as local counsel to many law firms and corporations who have Intellectual Property disputes in the U.S. District Courts in California. The Local Rules of the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California, with Divisions located in Los Angeles, Santa Ana, and Riverside, are among the most complex of any of the 94 District Courts in the United States. We are well versed in these Local Rules and can help corporate and other outside lead counsel navigate the procedural irregularities that are so common here in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Mr. Hankin has practiced before most of the Judges in the Central District of California, and knows quite a bit about their particular likes and dislikes. This can come in handy when trying to obtain a result that may not be apparent on its face. Often cases are won on procedure and by “wearing the white hat” when just being correct on the law is not enough. 

The attorneys at Hankin Patent Law also have extensive experience in the Southern District, located in San Diego, and the Northern District, with Divisions in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. We have been admitted to practice in all four District Courts in California since the mid-1990s, and do so regularly for our clients.  Hankin Patent Law has Offices in Los Angeles County, Orange County, and in the Bay Area.  Mr. Hankin regularly (well, before the COVID-19 Quarantine of 2020) travels each month to San Francisco and Oakland; San Diego; and Riverside, Corona, and Ontario in the Inland Empire. 

An Example of Our Local Counsel Representation

Mr. Hankin worked closely with out-of-town counsel to successfully defend a patent infringement claim against one computer mouse manufacturer by another computer mouse manufacturer and Mr. Hankin and his colleagues not only won on summary judgment of non-infringement, but they also obtained a couple hundred thousand dollars in legal fees for their not-liable Defendant client from the overreaching Plaintiff.

If you are a plaintiff or a defendant with a patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secret theft, licensing or other Intellectual Property dispute in the Los Angeles area (or anywhere in California) and your in-house or outside General Counsel or Litigation Counsel needs Local Counsel with intellectual property expertise, please contact Hankin Patent Law for a consultation to see how we can make your work easier and more effective here in our Courts.

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