Intellectual Property Litigation

Cost-Sensitive and Strategic Representation in Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property litigation often involves a number of related issues. A single lawsuit can include some or all of patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, trade secrets theft, and licensing matters in any combination.

It is also common to find business disputes that initially appear to have no intellectual property component ultimately require litigation to resolve patent, trademark, or copyright matters before a resolution of the entire dispute can be achieved.

At Hankin Patent Law, APC, we represent corporate and individual rights holders throughout California, the United States, and the world in all areas of intellectual property law and litigation. Due to Mr. Hankin’s participation in the Hague Conference on Private International Law, and his connections with intellectual property lawyers around the world, our firm can assist you in obtaining proper representation anywhere in the world where your intellectual property rights are either being challenged or infringed.

Hankin Patent Law, APC represents rights holders seeking to protect their intellectual property rights from potential infringement. We also represent and defend those accused of infringing on the rights of others. Many of our clients work in the subject matter areas of software, robotics, cannabis, food, dietary supplements, medical devices, home theater, technology, jewelry, and the fashion industries.

Among the many successful results we have obtained for our clients :

  • Attorney Marc E. Hankin successfully defended a patent infringement claim by one computer mouse manufacturer against another computer mouse manufacturer and won on summary judgment of non-infringement.
  • Mr. Hankin and his colleagues defended a foreign manufacturer wrongly accused of infringing a US manufacturer’s patent, trademark, and copyright. After proving at the depositions that the plaintiff did not have the rights that it claimed to have and that the defendant did not do anything wrong, not only did Mr. Hankin and his colleagues negotiate a quick settlement, but the plaintiff paid the defendant $50,000 towards attorneys’ fees.

When you need sophisticated intellectual property litigators with experience in the U.S. and foreign countries, and a sophisticated understanding of the global picture, contact Hankin Patent Law to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Intellectual Property & Fashion

Intellectual Property Rights and the Fashion Industry

With the biggest garment district in the U.S. located in Los Angeles, the State and Federal District Courts in the L.A. area have a sophisticated understanding of copyright, trademark, and patent law related to the fashion industry. A great deal of intellectual property litigation in fashion design and technology is handled in these courts.

Hankin Patent Law intellectual property lawyers provide legal advice to protect your intellectual property rights with patents and trademarks, and defend your company’s competitive advantage against infringement with intellectual property litigation in U.S. courts. We represent both U.S. and foreign national companies as clients.

Proactively Protecting Your Work

Our clients are creative people and companies designing clothing, patterns, fabrics, shoes, handbags, jewelry, and eyewear. They want to protect their unique sense of style (logos, designs, and patterns), as well as the unique functionality of their work (closures, clasps, zippers, etc.).

We provide companies in the fashion industry with “freedom to use” opinions and clearance searches to ensure they are protected against unfair charges of infringement. We also negotiate, draft, and advise on Licensing Agreements to enable our Clients to monetize their unique creations by partnering with companies and manufacturers to take the theoretical to the commercialized.

Protecting Profits and Reputations from Infringement

Registered Patent Attorney Marc E. Hankin represents companies in U.S. courts who have been accused of infringement, as well as innocent retailers who bought goods manufactured by a company that was later accused of infringement. Among the patent and trademark cases we have litigated on behalf of our Clients:

  • A Korean zipper manufacturing company sued by a New York company that held the patent to a particular type of closure.
  • An optical company producing fashion eyewear and sunglasses.
  • A Fijian water company sued in the global designer water market.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Locally and Globally

Industry has become global, therefore we maintain a cooperative network of IP attorneys who ensure that our Clients’ intellectual property interests can be protected in every country in which they need protection — in the U.S. and countries engaged in manufacturing, including China, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and others.

Put Hankin Patent Law’s experience and insights to work for you. Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

Intellectual Property & Technology

Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Industries

At Hankin Patent Law, we love manufacturers. We work with manufacturing companies throughout the U.S. and around the world; companies that manufacture computer software and hardware, medical products, dental devices, optical devices, thermostats, home theater equipment, cleaning products, and many other products that make life better for the end-users.

At Hankin Patent Law we are here to protect your innovative ideas and your profits with sound legal advice and litigation services in all areas of intellectual property law. Our lawyers assist with patent filing, and trademark and copyright registration. We draft licensing and cross-licensing agreements to spell out the rights of owners and licensees. We defend our clients’ competitive advantage against infringement with intellectual property litigation in U.S. courts.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Locally and Globally

High tech companies operate in the global market. In order to meet the needs of technology clients, Hankin Patent Law works through a network of IP attorneys to ensure that our clients’ intellectual property interests are protected in every country in which they do business. Learn more about attorney Marc E. Hankin’s international connections, including his long substantive involvement with The Hague Conference for Private International Law.

Protecting Profits from Patent and Trademark Infringement

Registered Patent Attorney, Marc E. Hankin, represents companies in patent, trademark, and copyright infringement cases in U.S. federal courts. Hankin Patent Law represents companies seeking to protect their intellectual property rights, as well as companies who have been accused of infringement, including clients such as:

  • A manufacturer of innovative home cleaning products and green technology
  • A home theater speaker and amplifier manufacturers for unique audio design technologies

Technology and the Trade Secrets Act

When a researcher invents a product or develops an innovative process in the workplace, typically those rights must be assigned to the company employer. But a company may not be able to obtain a patent on a particular innovation, or it may choose instead of trying for a patent to be protected by trade secrets law, which requires that the company take extra steps to keep the product or process confidential and actually a “secret”.  Hankin Patent Law advises its clients on how best to do so, and what additional precautions to implement to ensure that competitors, vendors, and employees do not walk out the door with the company’s most valuable secrets.

The Attorneys at Hankin Patent Law can advise you on the best method to protect your company’s technological information with regard to key employees. Put Hankin Patent Law’s experience and insights to work for you. Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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