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With an eye firmly on the client's budget, the trademark and patents attorneys at HPL represent clients in all aspects of intellectual property law including litigation when needed. To avoid surprises and provide the most cost-effective services, we bill most registration and transactional matters on a flat basis.

Quick Turnaround


Clients turn to our lawyers at HPL for a quick turnaround and easy on-boarding. Most projects are completed within two weeks, many within 24 hours. Whether your business is next door or around the world, we support your needs via phone and email.

Awards Winning


We are a small but mighty patent and trademark firm that has been recognized for providing exceptional service by local, national, and international organizations. Our clients range from Fortune 500 to individual inventors. Whatever your intellectual needs are, the attorneys at Hankin Patent Law, APC can help.

Our Results And Cases:


Successfully overturned a preliminary decision by the USPTO to deny two trademarks to an established Household Appliance/Electronic Wholesaler. Crafting a persuasive response to the Office Actions issued by the USPTO, Hankin Patent Law, APC […]


Successfully prosecuted a claim of trademark infringement and domain name cyber squatting against a small entity on behalf of a major California soap manufacturer.

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Welcome to
Hankin Patent Law, APC!

Hankin Patent Law, APC provides legal counsel and litigation services in intellectual property law to start-ups, individual inventors, and companies of all sizes.

Our Attorneys Protect What You Have in Mind

Launching a new business, product, or service? Our patent attorneys are here for you. Make sure you have the correct patent, trademark, licensing, or copyright protection in place. Devised the perfect name or designed the latest product? Make sure no one else beats you to it! Enlist a patent attorney from our law firm to help assess what solutions fit the needs and budget of your company. Securing the appropriate protection enables you to defend your name or invention should someone infringe.

Should You Hire a Patent/Intellectual Property Attorney Los Angeles?

Get your patent protection secured by specialists. We often receive calls from prospective clients asking why they received a rejection from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) after attempting to file on their own or using a general attorney. After securing hundreds of trademarks and patents, we are experienced in communicating with the USPTO. Beyond identifying the requirements for protection, Hankin Patent Law, APC, maintains your intellectual property portfolio both domestically and internationally.

Why Hire Hankin Patent Law, APC Firm?

Founder and Managing Patent Lawyer Marc E. Hankin and his legal associates offer the rare combination of big firm experience, small firm service, and focus on your reasonable budget. Clients often come to us after paying significantly higher fees to larger firms. We will quote you a flat fee on most matters. This way, the client may confidently budget legal fees without any surprises. Our flat structure and fast response time make us an ideal partner for your business.

At Hankin Patent Law, APC, our patent attorneys have knowledge and experience that extend way beyond the law. The Los Angeles and Orange County patent attorneys at our firm possess degrees in science and work experience in scientific fields outside of the law. Our expertise spans a wide range of industries and products. Unlike traditional attorneys, we pride ourselves in being able to make complex arguments fit for the technical industry. We are able to argue the ins and outs of a wide variety of industries and understand the challenges you face and stand ready to protect your products and services.

Additional Legal Services

  • Expert Witness Testimony: Our intellectual property attorneys are able to serve as expert witnesses as needed in litigation as well as consulting experts in pre-litigation negotiations as needed. The expertise of our attorney’s testimony adds credibility and reliability to the case. In addition to intellectual property, the attorneys at HPL can counsel clients on unfair competition claims, false advertising, and other deceptive trade practices.
  • Trade Secrets: The copyright and patent registration lawyers at Hankin Patent Law, APC can advise on the best way to protect your intellectual property, whether it should be a patent, a trade secret, or another method.
  • Local Counsel Representation: The lawyers at HPL has represented many national and international corporations as legal counsel with regards to intellectual property disputes and litigation. The IP laws and regulations of the greater Los Angeles, California district are some of the most complex within the US. Our attorneys are well versed in these laws and can help outside counsel navigate the intricacies and irregularities that occur with regards to LA law.

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