Business Entity Formation

Many of our clients are ready to launch a new business entity when they seek intellectual property protection.  To assist with this, we offer a service to form and establish new business entities, including corporations, limited liability companies, professional corporations, and benefit corporations, in Delaware, California, and across the United States.  Leading this practice area is Amy Burke, who works with our clients to determine the type of business entity that best suits their needs, draft individualized documents that guide the operation of the entity (bylaws for corporations or operating agreements for limited liability companies) and related agreements, and advise our clients on best practices for maintaining their new entities.  We can work with your CPA or financial advisor to coordinate tax and accounting issues (on which we do not provide advice).

Hankin Patent Law, APC also assists clients who have tried to form their business entities on their own or through an online legal service platform to customize and explain bylaws or operating agreements, and to provide guidance regarding proper business entity operation and maintenance.