Expert Witness Testimony

What is an Expert Witness?

Sometimes a lawsuit requires a professional valuation of Intellectual Property or an assessment of Intellectual Property Rights as part of a larger case. An Expert Witness may provide testimony in a trial, information for a lawsuit, or a valuable second opinion to a trial team. Marc E. Hankin has served on several cases in the role of Expert Witness, adding his testimony to either the Plaintiff or Defense. An Expert Witness may spend time preparing for the testimony and generally will bill time on an hourly basis.

When to Hire an Expert Witness

Patent, trademark, or copyright issues may be the central dispute or a subset of a larger litigation matter. In that case, a trial team may opt to hire an Expert Witness in intellectual property to support the relevant matters. Marc has provided a valuation of intellectual property assets and testimony in divorce and bankruptcy proceedings as an Expert Witness. The client and/or litigation counsel will determine the need for an Expert Witness.

Reputation is Everything, Impartiality is Key

The credibility of an Expert Witness is crucial to the role. With over 25 years of experience as a Registered Patent Attorney, Marc assembles a credible and reasoned testimony. Maintaining the firm’s integrity and reputation is the insurance his testimony will be thoughtful and impartial. Clients depend on an impartial expert to provide reliable testimony. With this trust, the Expert Witness contributes essential information on which the Client may rely.

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