World IP Day 2023

The data is clear: worldwide in 2020, only 16.5% of inventors named in international patent applications were women (this number is also accurate for North America) 1, and only 1/3 of international patent applications […]

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Cautionary Tales of Filing Your Own Trademark Application

As Trademark Attorneys, precision and attention to detail are essential in preparing successful Trademark Applications. From identifying the correct Trademark International Classes to the inclusion or omission of a period or a space, we […]

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independent contractor that is developing content, signing a specific agreement to ensure the ownership of the Copyright is with the employer. Learn more about copyright law here

When Copyright Law and the California Labor Laws Conflict 

When hiring an independent contractor to develop content, a specific agreement needs to be in place to ensure the ownership of the Copyright for the work belongs to the employer. In California, the usual […]

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Copyright Lawyer Marc E. HankinFiles Lawsuit on Behalf of Chapman University (Orange, CA) Business Law Professor

Media outlets including the Orange County Register, KTLA, NBC News, CNN, The Washington Post, and the New York Times reported on the case filed by Professor David Berkovitz against unnamed students who uploaded his […]

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How Patents and Trademarks Provide Value to Investors or Potential Buyers

Patents are a form of intellectual property by which you may protect your invention(s), and a patent portfolio can represent significant value to potential buyers and investors. If you obtain a patent on one […]

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Importance of a Patent Portfolio Review

Does your company have any patents? Do you wonder if your company may have additional patentable ideas? If so, a patent portfolio review can be an essential step in managing your company’s intellectual property […]

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Trademark Rights From Use

Did you know that your use of a word, phrase, logo, or related identifying feature (what is referred to as a mark) automatically has legal trademark protection when you use it in commerce? As […]

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Who Needs a Patent Attorney?

Individual inventors, small business owners, startup tech firms – anyone who has an idea for an invention needs a patent attorney.  While anyone may file a patent application for their own invention, the system […]

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What Does a Patent Attorney Do?

A patent attorney is a critical member of your team if you have an idea for an invention. From the moment you have a concept in your mind, it is essential to get proper […]

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Tips to Protect Your Intellectual Property Advantage

Patent? Trademark? Trade Secret? — How Best to Protect Your Intellectual Property When individuals or companies consider the need to protect their intellectual property, the first thing that comes to mind is getting a […]

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