Copyright Registration

Copyright: Protecting Your Creative Expression

Whereas patents protect useful items, like machines and processes, copyrights are designed to protect text, graphics, and other creative expressions. A copyright does exactly what the word implies … it gives the creator the “right” to control any attempt to “copy” the created work. Reproduction, distribution, production, performance, and display rights all fall under copyright protection.

Authors, painters, filmmakers, musicians, composers … all produce work subject to copyright. The Copyright Act protects architectural design, software, graphic arts, motion pictures, and sound recordings.

The framers of the Constitution understood that, without assurances of control over the copying of their work, creative artists would have little incentive to create. Accordingly, they authorized Congress to enact laws protecting copyrights. The copyright law now provides protection for the life of the author, plus 70 years.

Hankin Patent Law has extensive experience filing and obtaining copyright protection for a variety of clients. We can either help your company set up a system for efficiently obtaining copyright protection for your creative expressions or else we can handle all required filings to obtain copyright protection on your behalf. We can also help you establish systems for policing and enforcing your copyrighted materials.

Marc E. Hankin has represented world-renowned artist John Nava (who paints in the style of the Old Masters) in retaining the copyright to his work in creating the cycle of tapestries called the Communion of Saints that adorn the inside walls of the nave of the Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral built by the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, as well as in other related and unrelated matters.

Unlike patents or trademarks, a filing is not necessary to establish a copyright. Filing a copyright application with the government is essential, however, to enforce your copyright in the federal courts, and is strongly advised.

Defending copyrighted works against infringement can be one of the most difficult areas of Intellectual Property law. At Hankin Patent Law, we have successfully represented many clients in enforcing their copyrights and defending against charges of infringement. Marc Hankin and his Associates have successfully represented a Korean conglomerate against several infringers over their copyrighted textile patterns. Additionally, Mr. Hankin has substantial experience dealing with copyright issues facing the audio and video industries.

For information on how Hankin Patent Law can help you file or protect your copyrighted materials, please contact us today.

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