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Marc E. Hankin’s Representative Cases:

Successfully defended a robot manufacturer accused of infringing five patents; Jury deliberated for less than two and a half hours; Non-Infringement findings were Affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Successfully defended a value added reseller who was accused of infringing five patents on medical imaging software; won on summary judgment; Non-Infringement and Invalidity Rulings were all Affirmed by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Successfully represented a major Japanese computer printer manufacturer in prosecuting a patent and trademark infringement action against a maker of knock-off replacement cartridges; obtained a preliminary injunction and more than $1 million in contempt sanctions for violation thereof; put the Defendant into bankruptcy.

Successfully represented the leading manufacturer of electroluminescent phosphors in a patent infringement litigation against the world’s largest light bulb manufacturer; convinced the court to throw out the other side’s patents on summary judgments of non-infringement while defeating summary judgment for our client’s patents (jury awarded our client $50 million dollars at the close of the trial).

Successfully defended a patent infringement claim by one computer mouse manufacturer against another computer mouse manufacturer; won on summary judgment of non-infringement and awarded our attorneys’ fees for the defense.

Successfully defended a utility patent infringement case regarding skateboard ramps; negotiated a settlement wherein the plaintiff paid money and attorneys’ fees to our client.

Successfully defended a healthcare products manufacturer against claims of patent infringement and trademark infringement; settled the case by exchanging our client’s domain name for money.

Successfully defended the manufacturer of a mass-produced pen against claims of patent and trade dress infringement brought by the manufacturer of a super-premium pen manufacturer.

Successfully defended a major watch company against a claim of patent infringement brought by an extremely litigious flashlight company regarding a “gift with purchase” promotion.

Successfully defended several different eyewear manufacturers against claims of utility patent, design patent, trade dress and trademark infringement brought by an extremely litigious high-end sunglass manufacturer.

Successfully defended a patent infringement case brought against our British client by a U.S. company over flame retardant materials; settled by purchasing the patent for less than the costs of procuring it.

Successfully defended the manufacturer of a dietary supplement against charges of patent infringement brought by an extremely aggressive plaintiff; negotiated a settlement and a license agreement very favorable to our client.

Successfully defended a company that makes t-shirts for Disney and Warner Brothers against a charge of patent infringement on a new technique for making silk-screen t-shirt appliques.

Prosecuted a claim of patent infringement involving dental whitening products.

Represented several trading companies accused of infringing utility patents and design patents of a major New York fashion company; negotiated favorable license agreements in settlement.

Negotiated a multi-country license for trademark rights and franchises; termination clauses were so favorable to our client that when the licensee breached, it ended up purchasing our client-licensor.

Negotiated the intellectual property rights on behalf of an artist for a major public work of art, including the rights to manufacture gift shop items for sale in the gift shop of the large private organization that commissioned the work from the artist.

Successfully represented an agency of the United Nations in enforcing its acronym against a commercial entity that attempted to misappropriate the acronym as its commercial trademark.

Represent a nationally-famous motorcycle racer in a trademark and domain name dispute with his former business partner/brother.

Successfully defended a Lanham Act case in which my client was accused of false representation for claiming ownership in a portfolio of patents by a former joint venture partner who misappropriated the portfolio patents for its own account; the settlement entailed assigning the patents in exchange for a stream of royalty payments.

Successfully defended the owner of the most popular Pokemon website from a claim of trademark and domain name infringement.

Successfully prosecuted a trademark and copyright infringement case against a competitor in the coffee industry.

Successfully represented the largest conglomerate in Korea against several infringers throughout the United States over their copyrighted textile patterns.

Defended a Korean company against a charge of trademark and copyright infringement by the largest zipper manufacturer in the world.

Prosecuted and defended numerous copyright and trademark infringement actions concerning designs embodied in jewelry and/or clothing.

Successfully defended the owner of a famous trademark against the gentleman who produced a television series that utilized the trademark, thus causing him to claim rights thereto.

Successfully prosecuted trade dress and trademark infringement action on behalf of the largest manufacturer of soy sauce against several manufacturers and retail outlets here in the United States.

Successfully defended a false advertising case on behalf of a small appliance manufacturer; defeated a temporary restraining order and motion for preliminary injunction; settled for a dismissal with prejudice.

Defended the manufacturer of a home medical product against a temporary restraining order, preliminary injunction, motion for reconsideration, and appeal of the denial of the preliminary injunction, and had the claims thrown out no summary judgment (plaintiff managed to win on second patent which it purchased during the course of our litigation and about which our client was not aware until the filing of the amended complaint).

Successfully defended the U.S. distributor of a famous “top shelf” Polish vodka against claims of trademark infringement brought here in the United States by a different Polish company.

Successfully prosecuted a claim for domain name infringement and cyber squatting against a Canadian company who used the same name as my client.

Successfully represented the America Automobile Association as Southern California counsel to police its trademark (“AAA”) against infringers, including taxi cab companies, etc.

Defended a major supermarket chain accused of infringing the catch phrase of a major hardware chain.

Successfully prosecuted a claim of trademark infringement and domain name cyber squatting against a small entity on behalf of a major California soap manufacturer.

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