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Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Industries

At Hankin Patent Law, we love manufacturers. We work with manufacturing companies throughout the U.S. and around the world; companies that manufacture computer software and hardware, medical products, dental devices, optical devices, thermostats, home theater equipment, cleaning products, and many other products that make life better.

At Hankin Patent Law we are here to protect your innovative ideas and your profits with sound legal advice and litigation services in all areas of intellectual property law. Our lawyers assist with patent filing, and trademark and copyright registration. We draft licensing and cross-licensing agreements to spell out the rights of owners and licensees. We defend our clients’ competitive advantage against infringement with intellectual property litigation in U.S. courts.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property Locally and Globally

High tech companies operate in the global market. In order to meet the needs of technology clients, Hankin Patent Law works through a cooperative network of IP attorneys to ensure our clients’ intellectual property interests are protected in every country in which they do business. Learn more about attorney Marc E. Hankin’s involvement with The Hague Convention.

Protecting Profits from Patent and Trademark Infringement

Patent attorney, Marc E. Hankin, represents companies in patent, copyright, and trademark infringement cases in U.S. state and federal courts. We represent companies seeking to protect their intellectual property rights, as well as companies who have been accused of infringement, including clients such as:

  • A manufacturer of innovative home cleaning products and green technology
  • A home theater speaker and amplifier manufacturers for unique audio design technologies

Technology and the Trade Secrets Act

When a researcher invents a product or develops an innovative process in the workplace, patent rights are assigned to the company. But a company may not be able to patent a particular innovation, or it may choose instead of patent to be protected by trade secrets law, or by a non-compete or non-disclosure agreement to prevent unfair competition from a current or former employee.

Attorney Hankin can advise you on the best method to protect your company’s interests with regard to key employees. Put Hankin Patent Law’s experience and insights to work for you. Contact us to schedule a complimentary initial consultation.

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